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How To Calculate Learning Curve? With Example

Content What Does It Mean For A Firm To Have An 80 Percent Learning Curve? What Is Meant By Diseconomies Of Scale? Chapter 6: Learning 2 The Learning Curve Concept Brief History Of The Firm The text has several examples describing the utility of learning curves. A less successful response would be one relating to, for example, the decline in morbidity from heart transplant surgery. The argument here is that, unless the decision situation is carefully couched in terms of national health care policy, for example, the improvements in morbidity results are merely interesting and not particularly useful. “The work will have to be for a grade, and students will […]

What Is The Main Purpose Of The Books Of Original Entry?

Content Why Do Accountants Use Debit Dr And Credit Cr? What Is Journalizing Transactions? How Did The Field Of Accounting Evolve? Types Of Journal Entries : How To Make A Journal Entry A simple general journal entry contains a debit to one account and a credit to another account to balance it out under a double-entry accounting system. The number of line items in a journal entry may vary depending on how many accounts are affected by a given transaction. A business may choose to use a single general journal for documenting all transactions, or it may use several special journals in combination with a general journal. In the case […]

Paying Prevailing Wage

Content Does Quickbooks Do Certified Payroll? What? Why Am I Seeing This? How To Keep Certified Payroll Reports Organized What Are The Prevailing Wages & Certified Payroll Reports In Quickbooks If you experience an HR or compliance issue where you need some additional support, other providers may not be able to deliver the expertise needed to help you establish your HR strategy or mitigate risk. In addition to our flexible technology and service model, Platinum HCM offers a range of HR support solutions, which you can activate at any time without changing platforms, that can help you reduce HR distractions and overcome business challenges. 10.3 Agent is hereby authorized to […]